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'Southern Belle' Blueberry

‘Southern Belle’ is a low-chill bush that produces a heavy crop of fruit on bushy stems in a shrub-like form that can reach 4-5’ tall if not annually pruned. The berries, which ripen in late April and early May sport good firmness and a mildly sweet flavor. This variety is considered quite hardy, so this plant will tend to survive some freezing conditions. Blueberries are native to North America and in recent years scientists have discovered a plethora of health advantages associated with adding blueberries to the diet due to their antioxidant properties. Today, blueberries are second only to strawberries as the most commonly consumed berry in America.


Did you know that apples are the most widely adapted deciduous fruit tree in the United States? They need full sun for optimal development and typically will not grow in the tropical south because there are not enough chilling hours to satisfy the requirements of the plant. Hardy from zones 4-8, apples have a high wind tolerance and prefer a well-drained soil. Use apple trees as mass plants, shade plants or even as specimen plants.


Here at Creekside, we have a great selection of different fig varieties for all areas of Texas. These varieties include Alma, Celeste, Brown Turkey, LSU Purple, and Texas Blue Giant. Fig trees are a great low maintenance plant that adds a bold dark green accent to the landscape. It provides great tasting fruit that are just as good fresh off the branch as they are preserved or cooked! We currently have fig trees in 3 gallon and 5 gallon pots. Be sure to contact your Sales Representative and get yours today!


Here at Creekside we currently have an adequate supply of blackberries. We offer Kiowa, Arapaho (thornless) and Triple Crown blackberries in a 1 gallon size. The berries from Kiowa are often used in juice and wine making, however they also taste great right off the vine. The Arapaho cultivar was developed by the University of Arkansas in 1998. It is a thornless, cold hardy, disease resistant blackberry. They also grow in an upright manner and do not require a trellis. Arapaho produces high yields of excellent sweet flavored berries. It can quickly be established as a solid, fruiting, thornless hedge row. The Triple Crown has vigorous plant growth that produces loads of large fruit. Sweet flavor with a touch of acidity. Thornless with uniformly borne fruit, make them easy to pick. Be sure to get yours soon for a tasty summer harvest!