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'New Gold' Lantana

‘New Gold’ Lantana is a drought-resistant perennial that showcases vibrant yellow flowers in dense clusters at the ends of its stems, creating a stunning visual display.  All lantanas are excellent for attracting birds and pollinators while also repelling certain pests.  Lantana flourishes with regular tip pruning, encouraging branching and increased flower production, but ‘New Gold’ naturally sets less fruit, thus blooming more than other varieties.   Its low-growing, spreading habit of up to 2’ tall by 4’ wide makes it a great choice as a groundcover or border plant.  One of the toughest perennials around, this lantana is excellent in sunny beds, rock gardens, and containers.  ‘New Gold’ is one of several beautiful varieties of lantana that are grown here at Creekside Nursery, and available in 1 gallon containers.