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Blue Grama Grass

Blue Grama is a warm season, fine leaved native grass.  Among the shortest of the native ornamental grasses, it grows 6-8” high with seed heads up to 12”.   It is known for its delicate blue-green seed heads that suspend horizontally at the tip of each stem, like a tiny brush or eyebrow.  One of the most important forage grasses in native ranges, this grass grows in bunches in the south and can survive on less than 7” of rainfall per year.  Because of its toughness and adaptability, Blue Grama is an excellent choice as a water conserving turf alternative or small ornamental grass in the landscape.  It’s a great addition to a wildflower meadow or any water-conscious garden.  Blue Grama is one of several varieties of native grasses now grown at Creekside Nursery, and is available now in 1 gallon containers.