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Bicolor Iris

Bicolor Iris is a clumping perennial with sword-shaped leaves and showy spikes of pale yellow blooms with contrasting orange-black eyes.  The evergreen foliage generally grows in fan-like clumps to about 2 feet tall and slowly spreads laterally by rhizomes.  Its beautiful blooms only last one day but flush repeatedly from spring to fall, over 2 week intervals, giving the nickname Fortnight Lily.   For optimal blooming, plant in full to partial sun.  It prefers moist to wet soils including near water’s edge, but will also tolerate some drought and a variety of soil types.  Bicolor iris is a great choice for mixed plantings in the landscape or as a tall, central or backdrop plant in containers.  Grown at Creekside Nursery in 1 and 3 gallon containers.