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Pride Of Houston Holly

Long ago, decorating the house for the holidays was quite different. Creativity and ingenuity were key words! The tree was cut from the field and lovingly placed by the hearth, popcorn was strung as garland, homemade ornaments hung in great abundance and pinecones of all sizes filled every niche. Boughs of fragrant evergreens were strewn across the mantle and a handmade wreath graced the front door. All this green was quite lovely but it needed something...it needed a POP! Being in the south, we don't get quite the same spectacular fall color show as our northern neighbors do, but we do get to enjoy the Holly family's 'turning of the berry"! Pride of Houston Holly is a widely used, multi-purposed, prunable joy in our southern gardens. Tiny little green berries stay hidden all year awaiting Nature's subtle signal to plump up, redden up and be seen!

The Seagreen Junipers

It's all about texture with Seagreens! The unique, arching, lush foliage in that lovely deep bluish-green color is what we use to anchor our landscape designs, to gift them heft and importance, to grab the eye. Our eyes are initially drawn to two aspects in a landscape, blooming color plants and dark green foliage plants.

Penny Mac Hydrangeas

Few things evoke images of the grand ole' south like it's plantation homes and the lavish grounds that surrounded them. Nestled amongst the Magnolias, Azaleas and Camellias, we find the true Southern Belles, the Hydrangeas. Recognizable worldwide, this Japanese beauty is actually one of the most carefree, undemanding shrubs in our landscape pallet today!