What's New

Scarlet and White Sierra Cyclamens

The Sierra line of Cyclamens offers amazing flowers and beautiful foliage. The eye-catching clusters of blooms stand above the thick cluster of leaves. Sierras are popular as a winter favorite due to the distinctive “Christmas tree” shaped markings ingrained in shades of white or silver on the leaves. Cyclamens are low maintenance, light frost tolerant and will do well in indirect sun or shade. The White and Scarlet varieties are sold here at Creekside in 12 count flats ready for transplanting to your protected winter beds or to pot up in decorative containers to brighten your winter décor or even give as a living gift.

Serena Purple Angelonia

High heat and humidity tolerant and requiring little maintenance, the Serena Purple Angelonia is a great plant for sunny borders or containers located where they will receive at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day. Also known as Summer Snapdragons because of their similarly shaped blooms on spikes rising above the foliage, they do not have the trademark hinge that would allow them to ‘snap’ when touched. Serena Purple can grow up to 20" tall by 14" wide and attracts butterflies and bees. Remove dead and dying flower stalks to encourage more blooms. Available here at Creekside Nursery in a 2 gallon terra cotta container.

Burgundy Sun Coleus

The Burgundy Sun Coleus is a low-maintenance annual that is highly resistant to serious disease or insect problems so it requires little or no pesticide to stay healthy. Attractive burgundy foliage displays its beautiful color from mid-spring to fall. Great in containers or planted in masses. This variety can handle full sun to moderately shady conditions and needs a well-drained soil, but their colors are most vivid in bright sun. Some gardeners leave the small flowers, but it's best to pinch them off to direct more energy into stem and foliage growth.

Spring Color

Time to clean out those flower beds and get ready for spring! We have a wide variety of annuals and perennials ready to plant. Begonias, geraniums, gerbera, petunias, salvias, daylilies, irises, and lantanas!

Fall Color

Along with the fall weather fall color is here! Alyssum with bright white flowers. Cyclamen with its dark green leaves and bright colored flowers in pink, purple, white and scarlet. Dianthus with its lacy blooms, pansies with their happy faces. Along with snapdragons and petunias. Enjoy the cooler weather and a pop of color in your flowerbeds.