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Here at Creekside, our roses are beautiful and blooming! We have an abundance of roses available for sale in a 3 gallon, a 5 gallon and a 7 gallon size! We have a multitude of roses in the Knock Out (R) series, the Drift series and we also have climbing roses as well as carpet rose varieties all available for sale. Be sure to get yours today! These plants are sure to be a knock out in any spring landscape!


Here at Creekside we currently have an adequate supply of blackberries. We offer Kiowa, Arapaho (thornless) and Triple Crown blackberries in a 1 gallon size. The berries from Kiowa are often used in juice and wine making, however they also taste great right off the vine. The Arapaho cultivar was developed by the University of Arkansas in 1998. It is a thornless, cold hardy, disease resistant blackberry. They also grow in an upright manner and do not require a trellis. Arapaho produces high yields of excellent sweet flavored berries. It can quickly be established as a solid, fruiting, thornless hedge row. The Triple Crown has vigorous plant growth that produces loads of large fruit. Sweet flavor with a touch of acidity. Thornless with uniformly borne fruit, make them easy to pick. Be sure to get yours soon for a tasty summer harvest!

Merlot Redbud

The Merlot Redbud is a cross between the ‘Forest Pansy’ and the texensis ‘Texas White’ Redbuds. This cross helps with better overall heat resistance, helping the tree to do better with summer stress. The cross also helps to create the beautiful deep purple foliage that is found on the leaves. Merlot also has a dense, compact form, making it an ideal plant for smaller landscapes. It has bright lavender-pink flowers that bloom in the early spring. Here at Creekside, we currently have the Merlot Redbud available for sale in a 15 gallon size. Be sure to get yours today, while supplies last!

Whirling Butterfly Gaura

Native to the prairies, roadsides, and pond edges of the Deep South, this cultivar of Gaura is a compact, vase shaped perennial with slender arching red stems. During late summer and through the fall it grows pink buds that bloom snowy white flowers. Whirling butterfly has an airy and lovely growth habit. The flowers open only a few at a time and dance in the wind like butterflies. This plant is great as a border plant that will show color late in the year.

Red Powder Puff Calliandra

Native to Bolivia, Red Powder Puff is an evergreen shrub or small tree. When the bipinnately compound leaves open, they are a copper-pink but mature to a dark green. Raspberry-like flower buds open to round red powder puff flowers, consisting of masses of scarlet stamens. It blooms primarily in the fall and winter, however it has been known to bloom sporadically throughout the year. They are great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, and are a great tropical plant to add color and year round foliage to any landscape. Height 3-6 Feet Width 2-3 Feet Soil Moist Sun Full