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Gold Strike Carex

Gold Strike Carex has a narrow leaf that arches upward and out giving a lush look to the foliage. Sports evergreen blades with dark green margins. Thrives in moist, well-drained soils and makes a statement when densely planted together. Grows 15-20” high with a spread of 2’ wide. Hardy to Zone 6.

California English Ivy

Vigorous, evergreen, self-clinging or trailing, this vine with its 3-5 lobed leaves may be used as a house plant or hanging basket. Planting outside requires part sun to dapple shade and it prefers well-drained soil. This ivy will help with soil erosion. Fertilize with a multi-purpose fertilizer. Hardy in Zones 5-10.

Sago Palm

Sago Palm needs to be grown in full sun, but can adapt to outdoor shade if they receive bright light or just a few hours of morning or afternoon sun. Although this palm can grow in most weather conditions it does best in hot conditions. Sago palms need well drained soil and need to be planted above the soil line to keep their roots from being soggy. Fun Fact: Sago is related to the Conifer and Ginko tree

Dianella White Variegated

Grown for its bold striped leaves and small flowers in mid spring. Makes a great background plant for smaller plants and shrubs. Works best as a mass planting, in full sun or part shade. Will also tolerate frost in most areas. Use a slow release fertilizer in the spring. Make sure to mulch to help retain water.

'Little Red' Oleander

This oleander is deer and drought tolerant and can reach 6-12' tall. Blooms in the spring and early fall. Tolerant to high salt content soil, but prefers well drained soil. Water well and deeply the first year for root establishment, then it just needs average watering through the year. Low maintenance and evergreen, this oleander will add to any landscape.