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Dianthus 'Raspberry Surprise'

A lovely perennial that features double and semi-double flowers rich in spicy fragrance. The flowers are pinkish white with a deep red center and evergreen foliage. They have an extensive blooming time and are drought tolerant once established. Perfect for planting in front of your daylilies, Raspberry Surprise bares many flowers that will attract butterflies and other pollinators. Its spicy-sweet fragrance is as lovely as its blooms! Sold here at Creekside in a 1 gallon container.

Sweet Almond Verbena

Sweet Almond Verbena is a herbaceous perennial that requires little attention once established. It is very fragrant with a scent of vanilla/sweet almond which attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. A native to Argentina, it can grow up to 20 feet once established, but usually gets between 8’ and 12’, it needs plenty of space. Prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade with moderate to low water needs. Heat and drought tolerant. No major disease issues. Durable long bloom period. Great for the summer landscape. Grown here in a 3- and 7-gallon container!

Hosta 'Blue Angel'

The Hosta ‘Blue Angel’ is an outstanding perennial forming a gracefully cascading mound of thick, heavily textured, widely oval to wedge-shaped blue-green leaves. It can grow up to 16 inches long with prominent veins that appear slightly ribbed. During the summer, funnel shaped blooms appear that are the slightest color of lavender and can reach up to 48 inches tall. Hosta’s are primarily grown in shady areas therefore are great for borders under covered areas and as background plants. Here at Creekside, we carry the blue angel in a 1g.

Cestrum Orange Peel

Orange peel is a great plant for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds with its golden flowers. With glossy green leaves that darken as they receive full sun adding another layer of interest. Flowers heavily in spring, being most fragrant in the evening and early morning. Plant in full to part sun, in well-drained soil. It can grow 8-10 feet in height with a 6-10 foot spread!