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Francis Oxalis

Bright purple, triangular-shaped leaves and pale pinkish white blossoms make this Oxalis a stand out for a container garden, en masse for a stunning focal point or an eye-catching border in a shade garden. In warmer zones (7-10), it is often grown as an attractive ground cover. In cooler zones, containers will need to be brought inside and placed in bright, but indirect sunlight. Or left in the ground, they will die back to the bulbs until favorable conditions return, then sprout back. Can attain a mature height and spread of up to 1 foot. Propagate these by division of their rhizomes or just let them spread naturally.


Dyckias are the shining stars of the bromeliad world. With their beautiful rounded rosettes of colored leaves edged in sharp silvery-white spines, they bring color and snap to any container, rock garden or xeriscape. Most produce an orangish bloom on tall spikes above the foliage in late Spring that attract hummingbirds and bees. Cold hardy, heat and drought tolerant and definitely deer and rabbit resistant, they are a perfect choice for the “plant it and forget it” type of gardener. We carry several different varieties here at the nursery ranging in color from metallic silver to a deep burgundy.

Silver Falls Dichondra

Dichondra, also known as Silver Ponyfoot, is a trailing annual that has beautiful, ruffled, fan-shaped silver-green foliage. Works great as a groundcover, cascading over retaining walls or out of hanging baskets and mixed containers. The silver-gray foliage has a metallic appearance in the sun. Dichondra is a native Texas plant and is considered deer and pest resistant. It is also heat and drought tolerant and is commonly used in xeriscapes.

Blue Point Junipers

This is an exceptionally hardy, fast growing, upright juniper with a pyramidal growth habit. Retains its excellent blue-green color through the winter. A favorite for a specimen plant, tall screens, windbreaks and also displays well as a decorated living Christmas tree on the front lawn. The foliage is densely branched and maintains its natural form with practically no pruning. Also favored by topiary artists. Can mature up to12 ft. tall by 8 ft. wide. Performs well in Zones 4-10 and handles sun to part shade. Sold here at Creekside Nursery in 1, 5, 7 and 15 gallon containers.

Scarlet and White Sierra Cyclamens

The Sierra line of Cyclamens offers amazing flowers and beautiful foliage. The eye-catching clusters of blooms stand above the thick cluster of leaves. Sierras are popular as a winter favorite due to the distinctive “Christmas tree” shaped markings ingrained in shades of white or silver on the leaves. Cyclamens are low maintenance, light frost tolerant and will do well in indirect sun or shade. The White and Scarlet varieties are sold here at Creekside in 12 count flats ready for transplanting to your protected winter beds or to pot up in decorative containers to brighten your winter décor or even give as a living gift.