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Ajuga 'Catlin's Giant'

Easily grown in average to medium well drained soil, in full sun or part shade. This low growing plant will grow into an attractive mat like ground cover. With its shiny bronze-green leaves and blue flowers this plant will add interest to any flower bed or garden area! Deer and rabbit resistant and low maintenance, this ajuga will work well in any landscape. Crown rot can be a problem, particularly in the humid conditions of the deep South and in heavy soils. Avoid planting in wet, heavy soils, provide good air circulation and divide when clumps become overcrowded. Also avoid planting near perennial beds or lawns where its spreading nature could pose removal problems.

Apples, Peaches, and Pears!

It's Springtime at Creekside and several of our apple, peach and pear trees are beginning to bloom!  The Mid Pride Peach produces dessert quality, freestone fruit and is a heavy bearer with good disease resistance. The Orient Pear bears yellow fruit and has a highly ornamental value with loads of showy white blooms in Spring. The Anna Apple is a semi-dwarf growing tree with a heavy production of large sized sweet fruit. The flavorful yellow fruit with a heavy red blush ripens in mid-summer.


The tropical area here at Creekside Nursery is bursting with the dazzling display of Hibiscus in bloom! Dark glossy leaves provide the perfect background for the showiness of wide trumpet-shaped pinks, reds, yellows and peach petals, some even offering double sets in the blooms. Hibiscus prefer to be kept moist but not soaking wet, so they need well-drained soil. They thrive in full sun, but because of their cold sensitivity, should be grown in movable containers or in a protected area anywhere temperatures can dip into the thirties or below.

Dynamo Geraniums

The Dynamo line of Geraniums boasts of blooming early and continuously with more blooms per plant than most other varieties. With a mounding habit, they are perfect for garden beds, to define a stunning border and in containers of all kinds. The Dynamo family performs best in rich, well-drained soil and only needs water when the soil below the surface is dry. Considered heat and drought tolerant, they prefer full sun. Deadhead the spent blooms to encourage even more flowering. Sold here at Creekside Nursery in 2 gallon TC pots. Call for yours today!

Bleeding Heart Clereodendron

Bleeding Heart is a spreading vine-like plant with evergreen foliage. It can be grown to climb on a support, spill freely from a hanging basket, or be left to trail along on its own. It can also be pruned up to display as a thick shrub. This plant blooms on new growth, so it is best to cut the plant back after current blooms have faded. Obviously, the highlight of this plant is its showy bicolored white and red flower. The white part of the flowers can last for months, but the bright red “blood drop” fades quicker. Needs bright sun for the most vibrant blooms, but performs best with protection from intense hot afternoon sun. Although it is root hardy to Zone 9, it really is a tropical plant and does need protection from freezing temperatures. In cooler areas of the country it can be grown as a houseplant with exposure to bright sunlight. Sold in a tee-pee staked 2 gallon TC pot here at Creekside Nursery!