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Verbena 'Empress Sun'

Verbena ‘Empress Sun’ is an herbaceous annual that features showy clusters of star-shaped flowers from late Spring to mid Fall. Its tiny tomentose leaves remain green in color throughout the season! Verbena ‘Empress Sun’ is easy to grow, offering a semi-upright habit so they are appropriate for containers and flower beds. It is tolerant of both heat and cold, prefer full sun, moderate amounts of water, and are nice additions to gardens over a wide range of geography! Grown here at Creekside Nursery in the Cherry, White, Violet, and Red varieties.

Primrose Jasmine

Primrose Jasmine is a fast growing, drought tolerant, and all-around tough shrub that needs its space in the landscape. It has long arching branches reaching up to lengths of eight feet on average, and drape gracefully around the shrub to form a large thick mound. In Winter or Spring, a profusion of sweetly fragrant, semi-double, bright yellow flowers emerges on display, reaching two inches across. Primrose Jasmine is beautiful when trailing over fences or walls and perfect for covering unsightly views!

Ghost Plant

The Ghost plant is a cold-hardy succulent with pale gray or whitish leaves on sprawling stems. The rosettes are typically about four inches in diameter and will take a blue-gray hue in partial shade or a pinkish-yellow tone in hot, full sun. Dainty, star-shaped yellow flowers appear in Spring for outdoor plants but might bloom at random times when grown indoors. Its versatile growth will help it stand out in your landscape as an unusual groundcover, cascading down a container, or even as a houseplant! Like many succulents, it is a slow grower and can live for decades. Sold here at Creekside Nursery in a 1-gallon container and a 12-quart flat.

Euryops 'Sunshine Yellow'

Also known as a Bush Daisy, this semi-evergreen shrub-like perennial can be grown in containers, beds and even used as a hedge. Performs best in Zones 7-10, but can be used as an annual in cold climates. Enjoys partial to full sun and once established, can tolerate some drought conditions. Will require more watering during times of extreme heat. This variety of Euryops attracts pollinators, is considered deer resistant and can tolerate some salt air conditions. Blooms nearly year-round in frost-free climates and deadheading encourages continuous flower production. Sold here at Creekside Nursery in a 3 gallon pot container.