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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species that is stemless with thick, greenish, fleshy leaves that fan out from its central stem. This plant is commonly found in many cosmetics, beverages, and topical medications. It is known best to treat superficial burns and sunburns due to its soothing cooling properties. It can be grown indoors as a house plant or outdoors as a perennial. If grown outdoors, it must be dry with full sun to very bright indirect light; this plant needs bright light in order to flower. Grown here at Creekside Nursery in a 12 quart flat and two gallon container!

Hardy Red Oleander

Hardy Red Oleander make wonderful hedge or screening plants! Once established, Oleanders are drought tolerant, heat, wind and disease resistant and very durable. The Hardy Red offer up plenty of beautiful red flowers that hold their color for an extended time through the Summer. Noted for their durable heat, drought and salt tolerance, these plants are very useful in coastal locations and Xeric plantings. Their flowers bloom from Spring through Summer. Other varieties grown here at Creekside include Lil Red, Nonstop, Petite Pink, White Sands, and Yellow in a variety of container sizes!

Cassia Corymbosa 'Yellow Senna'

This is a tall, upright, fast-growing shrub with feathery leaves and a bright colorful display of large clusters of 1” golden-yellow flowers that can bloom from late summer to winter. It is normally evergreen in the Houston and surrounding areas, but is susceptible to extremely cold weather. Will sprout back if pruned after a damaging cold event. Cassia Corymbosa can grow 6’-10’ tall and can easily be pruned and trained into a small canopied tree-like shape. Both heat and drought tolerant, it is also considered as deer resistant. They are trouble-free growers which can endure a certain amount of neglect. Enjoys full sun and is a major butterfly and hummingbird nectar plant. Blooms are followed by beanlike 4 to 5 inch-long seed pods.

Southern Live Oak

This magnificent, broad leaf evergreen tree will be a picturesque addition to any landscape! It grows rapidly, adapts to almost any soil, and may live to be centuries old! Live Oak trees produce sweet edible acorns that turkeys, ducks, deer, and other animals like to feed on. They take full to partial shade, likes moist, well-draining, sandy soil, and tolerates drought conditions when established. They need supplemental irrigation during the hot, dry season. This fast grower is long-lived and hardy to fifteen degrees. These trees need minor maintenance and some pruning to remove occasional suckers at the base of the tree. We currently carry Live Oaks in various sizes so ask your sales person for more information!

Orange Bulbine

Bulbine is an evergreen, clumping perennial with yellow and orange blooms above onion-like foliage. Since they are a native of South Africa, they can tolerate heat and full sun and are considered drought tolerant. Performs well in Zones 9-11 and can achieve a mature growth habit of 12-15” tall by 18” wide. The flower spikes bloom above the foliage at about a 2’ height. They bloom repeatedly from mid-Spring through Fall with multiple blooms per stalk. Large clumps of this plant can be dug up and divided to space out or to share with fellow gardeners.