What's New

Texas Wild Olives

We are happy to release a very nice crop of young Texas Wild Olives, aka Anacahuita or Mexican Olives! This ornamental member of the Borage family has highly attractive dark, soft, ovate leaves about 7" long by 3" wide. The small evergreen tree gets 15-30' by 10-16'. Atop this little jewel are clusters of the lovliest white, funnel-shaped flowers we have ever seen. Yellow throated and 2-3" across, they resemble delicate white crepe paper and bloom throughout the year!

The ESSENTIAL Southern Plant!

When the Magnolia tree's sweet fragrance fills the air, you KNOW you're in the south! So beloved is the majestic Magnolia tree in our history, it's been named the state flower of two states, Louisiana and Mississippi! Magnolias, a native North American, can also boast the largest flower of any native tree. Huge, handsome, delicately lemon-scented 6-8" white blooms perfume the garden in spring like nothing else can!

A TRUE Texas Superstar!

The label, Texas Superstar, is much like a badge of honor given only to plants that have withstood the rigors of the statewide A&M field trials. Throughout the state, these hibiscus have proven to be some of the finest and showiest of perennials.

Penny Mac Hydrangeas

Few things evoke images of the grand ole' south like it's plantation homes and the lavish grounds that surrounded them. Nestled amongst the Magnolias, Azaleas and Camellias, we find the true Southern Belles, the Hydrangeas. Recognizable worldwide, this Japanese beauty is actually one of the most carefree, undemanding shrubs in our landscape pallet today!

Nature’s Lush Earth Carpets!

It's much like putting the finishing touches on a fine piece of art when you lay down a lucious carpet of groundcover at the base of a landscape project. Groundcovers bring a unity to the garden and add interest making them clearly, the unsung heroes amongst the more prominent members of the design.