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Live Oak

This magnificent, broad leaf evergreen tree will be a picturesque addition to any landscape! It grows rapidly, adapts to almost any soil, and may live to be centuries old! Live Oak trees produce sweet edible acorns that turkeys, ducks, deer, and other animals like to feed on. They take full to partial shade, likes moist, well-draining, sandy soil, and tolerates drought conditions when established. They need supplemental irrigation during the hot, dry season. This fast grower is long-lived and hardy to fifteen degrees. These trees need minor maintenance and some pruning to remove occasional suckers at the base of the tree. We currently carry Live Oaks in various sizes so ask your sales person for more information!

Pavonia Rock Rose

This member of the mallow family does well in most conditions. Rock Rose will bloom April to November with a pretty pink bloom. Native from the Edwards Plateau to the Rio Grande plains, it has a very low water needs and is highly drought tolerant. This plant can reach to 4 feet tall. Does best in full sun but can handle partial shade. This plant is not completely deer resistant, but it is not their first food choice. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

'Carolina Sapphire' Arizona Cypress

Carolina Cypress is a drought tolerant, fast growing evergreen conifer. It is grown for its striking silvery bluish green foliage and its wonderful fragrance. It has a conical shaped growth habit reminiscent of a Christmas tree. It can grow up to about 30 feet tall and puts on lots of growth when young – up to 2 feet a year. Full sun is best for the cypress, which thrives in the hottest summer conditions. It is resistant to the Cypress canker disease, and other pests or diseases, as well as deer. Carolina Sapphire is great as a privacy border plant or a xeriscape specimen.

Grass Little Bluestem 'The Blues'

The Blues Little Bluestem Grass is a Native American grass that was once dominated across prairies and open woods throughout North America. Because of its wide range of availability, the little bluestem is often used in parks, landscapes, and woodland plantings due to its helpful duties in erosion control. This low maintenance grass enjoys full sun and can tolerate thick clay, rocks and most inadequate soil conditions. Once established they are drought tolerant and will only require occasional watering. ‘The Blues’ has mature height of 2-3 feet tall and has blue-green foliage during the summer months. During fall, it turns into orange-red tone that can brighten up any winter season.