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'Katie' Ruellia

'Katie' Ruellia is a drought tolerant, durable perennial that handles heat, humidity, and a wide range of soil conditions. Continually blooming through warm months, its bluish purple, petunia-like funnel-shaped flowers nestle in a background of narrow, green leaves.   The shape and color of the flowers give it its other common name of Mexican Petunia.  Easy…

Fatsia Japonica

Fatsia Japonica, also called Japanese Aralia, is a tropical looking evergreen shrub with large palm-like glossy green leaves. Performs beautifully in a shady garden spot and can also be grown in large containers for patio or entryway use. Produces clusters of white flowers late winter into spring. The foliage can be used in cut flower arrangements and last for weeks. Can grow up to 6 feet in height with a comparable spread and does best in Zones 7-10.


Here at Creekside, we carry several different Gauras! The Graceful Pink Gaura blooms with soft pink flowers that open from dark pink buds above a low mound of bronze-green leaves. The Passionate Rainbow has delicate silky pink flowers with beautiful, variegated foliage. Both are tough perennials that tolerate heat, humidity and some drought conditions once established making them a perfect plant for Texas gardens and beds! Deadheading is not necessary for continued blooming although you may want to trim back the dead stems in midsummer to encourage new blooms. Deer resistant, but highly attractive to butterflies, add these graceful spots of color to any landscape for blooms all summer long!

Agave 'Splendida'

The 'Splendida' agave is a striking succulent with rosettes of dark green leaves up to 12" tall and 18" wide. Leaves are marked with a bright, greenish-yellow stripe down the center and the margins are lined with stout white spines. When mature, this plant can produce up to a 12' tall flower stalk with spidery, fragrant flowers after which it will die off. However, like most agaves, this variety will form offshoots or “pups” around the base of the parent plant as it ages that can be transplanted. Heat and drought tolerant, it performs best in well-drained soil with full sun exposure and little water needs.