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Commonly known as a Leopard Plant this perennial has large glossy heart-shaped leaves that resemble lily pads. They can reach a mature height of 3-4 feet and spread up to 2-3 feet wide. Beautiful yellow daisy-like flowers rise above the leaves on multi-branched stems from late summer thru fall and even winter in more temperate climates. They grow best in Zones 7-10 when planted in partial to full shade and require moist, but well-drained soil. Plant in large movable containers in cooler zones or in shady beds in warmer zones. The tops will die back when temperatures drop below 20 degrees but sprout back when spring temperatures stabilize.

Gaura Passionate Rainbow

Gaura ‘Passionate Rainbow’ is a compact, pink-flowered cultivar that is most noted for its variegated foliage. These are tough perennials that tolerate heat, humidity and some drought conditions. Once established they are the perfect plant for Texas gardens and beds! Deadheading is not necessary for continued blooming although you may want to trim back the dead stems in midsummer to encourage new blooms. Deer resistant, but highly attractive to butterflies, add these graceful spots of color to any landscape for blooms all summer long!

Mexican Feather Grass

Mexican Feather Grass is a popular ornamental grass that has fine textured foliage and can add airiness to selected spots in your landscape. It is Prized for its hardiness, as it thrives in Hardiness zones 5 to 10. Rarely is this grass bothered by diseases, pests, and animals. This grass is a fast grower and can reach up to 24 inches in height and spread 30 inches in width. This allows for a great border to cottage Gardens and more!

Easter Barrel Cactus

Easter Barrel Cactus is a popular cacti that we offer in both quarts (12 per flat) and in our 2-gallon terra cotta pots. Suitable for indoor use or as a container plant and in rock gardens. Both heat and drought tolerant, they require sandy, well-drained soil for best results. This variety of cactus blooms with a beautiful display of huge, showy, light lavender-pink flowers. These plants are native to arid desert regions and usually have only rainfall to supply their moisture needs, so be sure not to overwater.