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Bird of Paradise

The sight of this plant in bloom can transport you instantly to a tropical setting.  The large flowers with their brilliant top plumage and blue tongues remind you of an exotic bird in a rainforest.  Dense, evergreen bluish leaves form an upright habit that grows well outside in Zones 9-11 and in moveable containers or protected areas in Zones 5-8.  Bird of Paradise plants are very deep-rooted and are tolerant of drought, heat and sun, but they do not tolerate freezing temperatures.  Plant them in clusters for a dramatic statement or in decorative pots that can be moved around pathways and seating areas.  Here at Creekside Nursery we offer both the most commonly seen orange Bird of Paradise and the brilliant yellow Mandela’s Gold varieties in 5 gallon pots.  The standard orange variety can achieve a height of 6-7’ and 4-5’ wide while the Mandela’s Gold variety tends to be slightly shorter.  In both varieties, the bloom stalk rises above the foliage.