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Karley Rose Fountain Grass

Karley Rose Fountain Grass is a beautiful plant that performs well in the hot Texas sun! It is a patented ornamental grass that was discovered by David Skwiot in1995, who named this grass after his daughter. This grass has smoky purple plumes that will last all summer long. Its foliage is a beautiful blue-green color. This grass is very drought tolerant and is suitable for xeriscaping.

Hardy from zones 6-9, Karley Rose can be used as a border plant, a cut flower and does well in mass plantings. It is a beautiful accent in the Texas landscape. Karley Rose is easy to grow, good for containers and is very salt tolerant!

Height: 36-48 inches
Spread: 2-3 feet at maturity
Soil: Well-drained loam
Sun requirements: Full sun