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Gotta Glow Color Bowls

Color Bowls are a wonderful new addition to Creekside Nursery’s inventory, and with spring coming up, they will be a showy, colorful addition to any garden or landscape. Gotta Glow features three plants; Bidens Sunbeam, Calibrachoa Can-Can Dark Purple, and Aztec Red Velvet Verbena. The Bidens Sunbeam is an ever blooming annual with brilliant yellow flowers that the butterflies love! Calibrachoa Can-Can Dark Purple has stunning deep purple trumpet-shaped flowers with small evergreen pointy leaves. This plant grows in a trailing habit and will fill out any container. The Aztec Red Velvet Verbena has wonderful red flowers with white centers on small, dissected foliage. This verbena thrives in sunshine and heat and attracts hummingbirds. This trifecta of beautiful plants makes for a wonderful bowl of dazzling color!

1 foot
1-2 feet
Full – part shade
Well drained