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Kalanchoe 'Desert Rose'

It's round growth habit and dramatic foliage appears to give the allure of an underwater coral bed with colors transitioning from blue-green at the base to red on the rounded tips. The vibrant colors intensify in full sun and once the plant has matured will bloom a spike with clusters of yellow tubular flowers in spring. What a great addition of color into a rock garden. Cold hardy in Zones 9-11, and will tolerate temperatures as low as 40 degrees.  Grows best in partial to full sun and only requires occasional watering once it is established.

When planting, water in the soil, then plant.  The fibrous roots will quickly move into the new soil.  Allow soil to dry before it is re-watered.  Do not allow the foliate to remain wet overnight. Leave the heart of the plant slightly elevated as not to bury it too deep to help reduce the risk of fungus dramatically. Best to plant in a medium to well drained peat based media.  Full sun will give you the best performance to 50% shade. If area is too dark, the stems and petioles tend to stretch quickly. Stretching may also occur if watered too frequently.