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It's a great occasion when Creekside Nursery can announce the release of a new plant onto our availability! Especially one we know is going to be a HIT!

The Westringias are native to New South Wales where they were first seen clinging to those inhospitable cliffs and growing in the sand near the beaches. An innovative grower in Australia hybridized this tough little plant into several new forms, creating a modern day landscape treasure. We have chosen two cultivars that are very similar but delightfully different at the same time.

Westringia 'Mundi', commonly known as Coastal Rosemary, is a dwarf variety, getting about 18" tall but spreading to 5' across. Westringias closely resemble Rosemary, without the delightful fragrance but with an incredible tolerance to high humidity which prevents us from using Rosemary in many regions. The plants love full sun to part shade, tolerate light to heavy alkaline soils, are very drought and salt tolerant ( great choice for our Galveston landscapers ), and cover themselves with small, orchid-like blooms several timea a year. The flowers on 'Mundi' are a bright white which contrasts nicely with it's gray-green foliage.

We also have in production, Westringia 'Blue Gem'. Renown as possibly the best bloomer in the Coastal Rosemary family, 'Blue Gem' will get a bit larger than 'Mundi', about 3' x 3', covering itself with vivid blue flowers that attract alot of attention!

Carefree and pretty, we think these two beauties will be a very nice addition to our already diverse plant list!

Both these new additions are available in 3 gallon pots. Please call your representative for a full availability today!