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The Seagreen Junipers

It's all about texture with Seagreens!

The unique, arching, lush foliage in that lovely deep bluish-green color is what we use to anchor our landscape designs, to gift them heft and importance, to grab the eye. Our eyes are initially drawn to two aspects in a landscape, blooming color plants and dark green foliage plants. Use Seagreen's soft yet bold appearance as the ' bones ' of a garden. Let them define a driveway, act as a backdrop for Varigated Pittosporum or Dianella, even purple Loropetalum. As an anchor for a hedge of flashy Photinia's or silvery Elaeagnus! A stand of brilliant crimson red crape myrtles can look bare and unimportant until tucked into a bed of fluffy emerald green Seagreens.

This juniper looks like no other plant in our landscape palette and, for this reason, have proved to be a Texas favorite for many years!

Tough, drought-resistant and deer-proof!

It's just a hard-to-beat combination!

Creekside Nursery has a crop of gorgeous 3 gallon now, along with some very nice larger 15 gallon!