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The ESSENTIAL Southern Plant!

When the Magnolia tree's sweet fragrance fills the air, you KNOW you're in the south!

So beloved is the majestic Magnolia tree in our history, it's been named the state flower of two states, Louisiana and Mississippi! Magnolias, a native North American, can also boast the largest flower of any native tree. Huge handsome , delicately lemon-scented 6-8" white blooms perfume the garden in spring like nothing else can!

The original native Magnolias grew to 100' or more but, thanks to the diligent work of hybridizers, they've been reduced down to a much more manageable size making them ideal for use in our landscapes.

Creekside Nursery enjoys producing the 'Teddy Bear' cultivar because it looks like no other thanks to the unusual, very attractive foliage. It has rounded , cupped leaves held very densly giving it a 'furry' Teddy Bear look that you will love ! It holds this very showy foliage all year long keeping the tree fascinating year-round!

Easy to grow, it's quite heat and drought tolerant thriving in the semi-tropical climate of the south. A perfect choice in most sites, the Teddy Bear will grow in full sun to shade asking only for well-drained soil. After about 5 years it will have reached 6-8', as it matures to it's full majestic size of 20' tall by 12' wide.

A real one-of -a kind beauty !