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Nature’s Earth Carpets

Well, the groundhog has proclaimed an early spring and we are ready with one of the finest crops of 4" and 4.5" groundcovers we have ever produced!

Envision those annoying bare spots that just won't grow grass or your landscape design that just needs 'a little something' to top it off! Groundcovers are like the crowning glory to any container as they spill over the sides giving a whole new dimension to the design. They can brighten a shady spot or take the most intense heat our southern area can dish out!

We produce quite a list of 4" / 18 count flats

  • Ajuga - 'Burgundy Glow'
  • Ajuga - 'Bronze'
  • Euonymus Coloratus
  • Lysimachia - 'Golden Moneywort'
  • English Ivy - 'Bettina', 'White Ripples', 'Thorndale'
  • Vinca minor, major, major varigated
  • Asian Jasmine
  • 4.5" pots / 12 per flat
  • Algerian Ivy - 'Marengo' 
  • Mazus Ajuga - 'Chocolate Chip'
  • Ajuga - 'Dixie Chip'

Please call your representative for more varieties!