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Sweet Potato Vine

Ornamental sweet potato vines are one of the most popular trailing plants for containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. These beautiful, fast-growing tender herbaceous perennials have long tendrils that tumble over the edges and down the sides of containers. Their Leaves are heart-shaped, deeply lobed or lacy, creating textural interest in the landscape. Sweet potato vine is easy to maintain and tolerant of different growing conditions, including heat, humidity and shade. It is a tender perennial grown as an annual in most regions. Here at Creekside, we carry the ‘Blackie’ and ‘Marguerite’ Sweet Potato Vine in Hanging Baskets.

Daylily 'Yangtze'

Bright lemon yellow 3-4" ruffled flowers appear above strap-like evergreen foliage beginning late spring and repeat throughout summer. These can grow to have an 18" height with an 18" spread. Grow best in full sun to partial shade. Make sure to water as needed to keep the soil moist to then acclimate. Grows best in zones 4-13. Great addition to any butterfly and bee garden with dependable summer blooms. Be sure to keep pets away from this flower as they are harmful if ingested.

Viburnum Awabuki

The Awabuki Viburnum has large glossy green leaves and forms clusters of small white flowers that are extremely fragrant in the spring. Later, small red berries form and turn black when mature. Considered an evergreen, it is one of the fastest growing Viburnum varieties. Left to grow naturally, it can become a large shrub, but can easily be trimmed into a small tree form if desired. It is sold here at Creekside Nursery in 3, 7, and 15-gallon containers.

Carolina Jessamine

Prized for its spectacular display of fragrant, bright yellow flowers, this well-mannered vine climbs beautifully on a trellis, arbor or over fences and walls without smothering surrounding trees and shrubs. It can grow up to 20 feet or more when grown as a vine. It can also be grown as a ground cover, maintained with a yearly cutting in late spring after flowering to 3 feet or less.