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Vanzie Agave

The Vanzie Agave is a very attractive and interesting agave with deeply channeled leaves and small margin teeth. It is more adaptable to damp, cool climates than many other blue agaves. Soft blue-gray leaves are abundant, developing large clumps with age and has a faster growing habit than most agaves. Makes a striking statement when mass planted and is considered evergreen in most climates.


Sedum are a nice addition to any full to part sun landscape. Low maintenance, heat and drought tolerant. Sedum would work great in an area that the soil is constantly dry and does not receive the care that most beds require. Most stay on the small side and have a growing habit lower to the ground. Plant away from area with high foot traffic as sedums can't handle being walked over. Plant as a border or in a bed with other succulents for a unique look.

Portulacaria afra 'Red Stem'

Attractive dark red stems on a miniature jade plant. This plant will work well in rock gardens, dry areas and in containers with other succulents. Thrives in full sun and low water areas. Will reach up to 2' tall but, can be kept smaller by pinching back. Zones 9-11.

Pineapple Express Mangava

Pineapple Express is a cross between a manfreda and agave, this hybrid has dark spiky leaves with burgundy spots. The more sun this plant receives the burgundy spots become more showy. With leaves 1" wide and tightly packed it gives it a look of the top of a pineapple. Growing only 9-10" tall with a 16-18" spread this plant will work on any patio are garden. This Managave can freeze so it does best in a pot.


This relative of the pineapple family has long succulent leaves with silver and white spines. Flowers in the spring on long spikes with orange blooms. this member of the bromeliad family is the most drought tolerant. When deprived of water it will go dormant but, recovers quickly once it is watered. grows well in zones 8-11 in average to well drained soil, 12"-24" x 12"-24" in size.