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Pavonia Rock Rose

This member of the mallow family does well in most conditions. Rock rose will bloom April to November with a pretty pink bloom. Native to the Edwards Plateau to the Rio Grande plains, has a very low water needs and highly drought tolerant. This plant can reach too 4 feet tall Does best in full sun but, can handle part shade . This plant is not completely deer resistant but , it is not their first food choice. Attract hummingbirds and butterflies.


With many landscapes having a shady area where getting plants to thrive is a problem, a great solution is the Hosta. Blue Angel with its blue-green 16" leaves will fill in a large area with a great color contrast. You can also try Stained Glass with its golden leaves with green margins will add a bright spot to a shady area. Paradigm also have a bright golden-yellow leaf with a bluish green margin. Hosta plants also make great container plantings on patios.

Texas Primrose

This plant with its finely textured leaves will bloom from spring to summer. With intense yellow buttercup shaped flowers will open in the evening and stay open through the next day. Older flowers tend to fade to a pink-orange color. This primrose can reach 6" in height and have a spread up to 3 feet. Texas primrose will tolerate heat making a great rock garden plant or a border in a sunny location. Make sure to plant in an area with good drainage , to promote more blooms remove old blooms and water when dry.

Salvia greggii Mirage Pink

This salvia give another great color choice in a perennial. With its pretty pink color it will mix well with blue, white and red salvias making a great perennial garden. Will work well in a container planting mixed with verbenas or trailing lantana. Blooming from early spring to fall in most areas, heat tolerant with only medium water needs. Reaching 12-14 inches in height with a 14-16 inch spread hardy zones 7-9. Will also attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Coreopsis Gold & Bronze

Coreopsis make a great addition to in any full sun garden. Blooming from spring to late summer this plant will add a splash of bright color. A mounding habit reaching 12-14" height and a 12-14" spread this plant works well in any size garden. Try planting in a container with petunias or portulaca on a sunny patio to add interest. Low water needs and resistant to mildew.