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Mazus Reptans Purple

Mazus Reptans is a mat forming, perennial groundcover. It produces rosettes of lance shaped, toothed leaves. From spring to mid-summer, it bears 2-5 flowered racemes of snapdragon-like, purple-blue flowers, with lower lips spotted with yellow and red. This groundcover spreads quickly but not aggressively through rooting stems. Mazus Reptans is great to use between stepping stones, as it does well with foot traffic, or to cover a large area of bare soil.

Nature’s Earth Carpets

Well, the groundhog has proclaimed an early spring and we are ready with one of the finest crops of 4" and 4.5" groundcovers we have ever produced! Envision those annoying bare spots that just won't grow grass or your landscape design that just needs 'a little something' to top it off! Groundcovers are like the crowning glory to any container as they spill over the sides giving a whole new dimension to the design.

Nature’s Lush Earth Carpets!

It's much like putting the finishing touches on a fine piece of art when you lay down a lucious carpet of groundcover at the base of a landscape project. Groundcovers bring a unity to the garden and add interest making them clearly, the unsung heroes amongst the more prominent members of the design.

Carolina Jessamine Vine

A sudden splash of brilliant yellow in our landscapes is a real head-turner this time of year! We notice that redbud trees and our ornamental pears are sharing the early spring spotlight with yet another outstanding flowering plant, the endearing Carolina Jessamine vine. This fantastic bloomer has been the state flower of South Carolina since 1924 where it snakes its way up into the sun-drenched pines and hardwoods of that state.