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Purple Leaf Prickly Pear

Purple Prickly Pear is native to the Southwest regions of North America. Being a desert type plant, they grow well in hot arid environments and are relatively cold hardy. It requires little water once established and is a low maintenance plant. In the spring, it grows yellow flowers with red centers that produce purple fruit. The large leaf pads develop a purple tinge and are covered with large tan spines.

Manfreda Macho Mocha

Looking for a beautiful plant to display in the landscape this spring? Look no further than Creekside’s Manfreda ‘Macho Mocha’! This succulent has thick, rubbery green leaves that are covered in red spots. At maturity, it has a three foot clump of foliage that is topped by 8 foot tall white flower spikes in the late spring. Macho Mocha is drought tolerant and is suitable for xeriscaping. It does best in full sun and is attractive to bees, birds and butterflies. Hardy from Zones 8-10, it originated in Mexico and is a bigeneric hybrid that is a cross between Manfreda variegate and Agave celsii. It is a very cold hardy plant.

Chilean Mesquite

Native to South America, the Chilean Mesquite tree is a fast growing and low maintenance tree that provides good shade in the summer. Being a desert type plant, it has low water requirements and can survive in hot, dry environments. This tree can grow either as a multi trunk or single trunk and can reach a mature height of up to thirty feet. Its trunk appears twisted with dark, course-textured bark. Stipular thorns up to three inches long are variably present. In the spring, Catkin-like flowers appear that are followed by elongated seed pods that ripen and fall to the ground in the summer.


Here at Creekside, our roses are beautiful and blooming! We have an abundance of roses available for sale in a 3 gallon, a 5 gallon and a 7 gallon size! We have a multitude of roses in the Knock Out (R) series, the Drift series and we also have climbing roses as well as carpet rose varieties all available for sale. Be sure to get yours today! These plants are sure to be a knock out in any spring landscape!


Here at Creekside we currently have an adequate supply of blackberries. We offer Kiowa, Arapaho (thornless) and Triple Crown blackberries in a 1 gallon size. The berries from Kiowa are often used in juice and wine making, however they also taste great right off the vine. The Arapaho cultivar was developed by the University of Arkansas in 1998. It is a thornless, cold hardy, disease resistant blackberry. They also grow in an upright manner and do not require a trellis. Arapaho produces high yields of excellent sweet flavored berries. It can quickly be established as a solid, fruiting, thornless hedge row. The Triple Crown has vigorous plant growth that produces loads of large fruit. Sweet flavor with a touch of acidity. Thornless with uniformly borne fruit, make them easy to pick. Be sure to get yours soon for a tasty summer harvest!