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Drift (R) Rose

Drift(R) Roses are a repeat bloomer that are not only beautiful but tough. Winter and summer hardy,disease resistant and low maintenance. Hardy zones 4-11. With the smaller at only 1-2' tall and 2-3'wide this rose works well in small garden areas or to add color to a border planting. Colors in coral, pink, popcorn, peach and red there will be a color that will add to any landscape.

Ice Cap Rose

Ice Cap Rose has a dense flush pure white flower on a compact shrub. This rose is a great repeat bloomer. Unlike most roses Ice Cap tends to be disease resistant to black spot, mildew and rust. The blooms tend to be cup like with a large amount of petals that contrast well with its deep green foliage. Hardy zones 5-9 2-3 foot tall and a 3.5 foot spread.

Pygmy Date Palm

This palm is a small to medium size palm that is grown in a single or multi trunk. With its feather like fronds it is a softer looking palm than most. Plant in full sun or part shade in zones 9-11, with max height at 10feet and width of 6-8 feet this palm will work in smaller areas. Keep moist but not soggy fertilize in the early spring and mid summer for best growth. Prune as needed to remove yellow or damaged leaves.

Pineapple Express Mangava

Pineapple Express is a cross between a manfreda and agave, this hybrid has dark spiky leaves with burgundy spots. The more sun this plant receives the burgundy spots become more showy. With leaves 1" wide and tightly packed it gives it a look of the top of a pineapple. Growing only 9-10" tall with a 16-18" spread this plant will work on any patio are garden. This Managave can freeze so it does best in a pot.

Ardisia White Knight

This showy evergreen groundcover with its light green foliage and white edging. Makes a great replacement in shade are part shade where turf grass has a hard time thriving. New growth has a pink tint, flowers in pink followed by red berries. Does best in shade to part shade, zones 7-10.