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spring color

Time to clean out those flower beds and get ready for spring! We have a wide variety of annuals and perennials ready to plant. Begonias, geraniums, gerbera, petunia salvias, daylily, iris, and lantana.

Azure Rush Geranium

Azure Rush is a small compact plant with pale blue flowers that is easy to keep under control. With its medium size flowers that attract butterflies but, are rabbit and deer resistant This geranium will add a bright spot of color to any part shade or sunny area. use as a container plant with any type of salvia or sage on a patio for a pop of color. Can bloom from early spring to late fall in some areas, keep away from foot traffic as this will cause damage. 18-20 inches tall with a 23-27 inch spread.

Caesalpinia Mexicana

This plant is grown mainly for its bright yellow and fragrant flowers. Native to the Rio Grande Valley it can take high heat and full sun with little water. Considered a large shrub or small tree that is evergreen. Height can reach 30ft but, usually stays in the 15ft range with a 15ft spread. The seed pods can be poisonous, so this may not be a plant for you if you have small children or pets

Algerian Ivy Marengo

With bright glossy variegated green and white leaves this groundcover adds a nice color variety to any landscape. This ivy is easy to grow and maintain, as a groundcover on a trellis or hanging over a retaining wall. Will handle most weather may have some damage at temperatures below 15 degrees, full sun to light shade can also take foot traffic near walk ways. Deer, drought and insect resistant. This ivy can also be used in an inside landscape or as a potted plant.

Lithodora Heavenly Blue

This plant is a great rock garden plant or container planting. Plant in full to part sun, considered a groundcover or prostrate growing plant that is low maintenance and drought tolerant. Blue funnel-shaped flowers that last all summer long evergreen though out the year. This plant will also hold up well on a slope planting helping with erosion. Use in a container planting along the edge of the pot and allow to hang over the sides. Does show signs of being deer resistant.