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Vinca Soiree Hanging Baskets

The Soiree Series of vinca is a must-have for any Texas gardener. This catharanthus is heat tolerant and performs best in well-drained soils. This low-maintenance beauty is self-branching and sustains a compact habit that does not need any mechanical or chemical pinches. Place your Soiree Vinca in a spot that gets lots of light, then kick back and enjoy!


Dear Customers and Friends, Thank you all for your concern for Creekside Nursery. We want to assure you that we are here and we are in business! As you may be aware, we did have some flooding in the nursery this week. The water is receding and we are working to assess the damage as well as reconfirming product that is available for sale. Safety is our first priority and we have taken the time necessary during this process to ensure our efforts are in line with that goal. Service is a key tenant at Creekside. We are working to gather information so we can keep you informed, and to make you aware of any shortfalls we may be up against. We will begin to run deliveries on Tuesday, June 7th. Our sales team will stay in touch to confirm the status of orders already placed and product availability. Our team of growers are working on updated availability lists that will continue to change daily. We appreciate the support we have received from everyone and we appreciate your patience. Thank you again! You are sincerely appreciated! Sincerely, Chris Richardson, President Monte Strickland, General Manager Christan Fuqua, Vice President


We have a large variety of perennials available from Artemisia to Verbena. Many are blooming and ready to add a pop of color to your garden center or any landscape. Pictured are just a few of our Guara, Catmint and Lantana. Our perennial offerings come in a variety of sizes from 4"pots, quarts, hanging baskets, and 1 & 3 gallon containers. Plants that are colorful, fragrant and healthy and ready and waiting to wow your retail customers, please your homeowner clients and those who pass by beautifully landscaped roadways and streets. Contact your Creekside sales person for more information.

Lucky Lavender Lantana

Lucky Lavender Lantana with its dark green foliage contrasts nicely with the lavender/yellow flower color. This variety tolerates the heat, humidity and drought conditions well. Unlike other lantanas that can get a little 'wild' looking, this variety stays more compact and controlled. This variety will work well in pots, baskets or in the ground. Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Deer resistant, but it is poisonous, so plant in an area little hands can't reach.

Suncrest Salvia

Say hello to the Suncrest line of Salvias. Fire Dancer has blooms that are shades of orange-red. Flamenco Rose has a lovely bright pink blooms with white markings. Orchid Glow has blooms that are orchid to magenta. As with all salvias, they prefer full sun, but can take a small about of light shade. They are drought and heat tolerant and work well in most zones. Cut back mid-season to encourage more blooming.