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Artemisia 'Powis Castle'

Also known as 'Wormwood' this durable perennial has silvery-gray foliage and is evergreen in all but the coldest of climates. This low shrub grows 3 feet tall by at least twice as wide with a naturally mounding form. It has finely divided foliage that is pleasantly aromatic and held in fairly flat sprays. Typically has a light bloom of small yellow flowers that are not conspicuous in Summer and into Fall. Plant in full sun or part shade in a well-drained soil with moderate, occasional to infrequent watering. 

Fruit Trees

With a New Year comes new beginnings and the perfect time to start planting fruit trees! Our wide range of fruit trees consists of multiple varieties of apples, peaches, pears, and more! Fruit trees provide a beautiful source of shade as well as improve access to fresh and healthy foods supplying nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to people of all ages. Ask your sales rep today about what we can do for all your fruit tree needs!

Yaupon Pride of Houston

This native Texas holly is most prized for the abundant red berries in fall through winter. The dark green foliage starts off a bright lighter green and darkens into glossy dark green. It attracts birds for the beautiful berries and bees for the small blooms. Thrives best in Zones 7-10 and can take full sun. Can grow to a height of 15-20’ and up to 15’ wide, but it responds well to heavy shearing and pruning so it’s a great candidate for topiary artists. Plant this Pride of Houston yaupon as a single specimen tree or as a beautiful and beneficial clump or hedge.

Silver Falls Dichondra

Silver Falls Dichondra, also known as Silver Ponyfoot, is a trailing annual that has a beautiful, ruffled, fan-shaped silver-green foliage. Works great as a ground-cover, cascading over retaining walls or out of hanging baskets or mixed containers. The silver-gray foliage has a metallic appearance in the sun. Dichondra is a native Texas plant and is considered deer and pest resistant. It is also heat and drought tolerant and is commonly used in xeriscapes.

Golden Globes Lysimachia

Lysimachia Procumbens, commonly called Golden Globes, is a prostrate, mat-forming herbaceous perennial that grows to only 3-6” tall but spreads in the garden by creeping stems to 12” wide or more to form a dense medium green ground cover accented from late spring to mid-summer by showy cup-shaped bright yellow flowers. Plants will spread by creeping stems which root at the nodes to form an attractive ground cover, but are not considered to be invasive. Plants will flower in the first year from seed and therefore may be grown as annuals.