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Delta Blue Pansy

These blotch pansies are a great addition to a landscape. They are fairly disease and insect resistant and have a great mounded growing habit. They grow to be on average 6-8" tall with a 6-8" spread. They require full sun and tend to grow very uniform. They are easy to grow and can last through winter if they have had time to get a good root system. They grow best in loose, rich soil with a regular watering. Get them now before they are gone and plant them soon!

Coppertone Loquat

Coppertone loquats are a great addition to a landscape. They can grow to be 15-25 feet tall with an equivalent spread. When they are enjoying their climate they can grow 36in per year. Their snowy white flowers attract bees as well as colorful birds. The trunk of this shrub will support a low canopy as it continues to grow. They are hardy in zones 9-11 and are not picky in terms of soil pH.

Golden Barrel Cactus

Also known as Mother in Law's cushion these are large, rounded cactus with golden yellow gently curved spines. Bright yellow flowers appear in late spring through mid summer. Heat and drought tolerant. They thrive in full sun and need little water making them a great addition to any native landscape. They can grow to be 2-3 feet tall with a 3-4 foot spread. This cactus grows best in zones 9-11. Be sure to wear gloves with handling this golden beauty.

Little John Bottlebrush

This dwarf bottlebrush stay around 3ft in height with a 5ft spread and have a nice evergreen foliage. The red blooms atop this colorful grower bloom for an extended season. The lanced shaped foliage is blue-green with a fuzzy texture on the new growth. This evergreens dwarf size makes it perfect for smaller gardens. They do best in full sun and work best when pruned in spring before new growth begins although, they can also be pruned after blooming to keep a tidy appearance. Hummingbirds will love this addition to your landscape.

Blue Sentry Yucca

This is an evergreen Yucca with a rosette of unusual blue-green leaves and tall spikes of creamy white, bell-shaped summer flowers. Performs best in full sun and is hardy in Zones 5a – 9b. Requires well drained soil and once established, can survive some drought conditions. Blue Sentry Yucca stands out in a xeriscape type setting or can be planted in large containers. Grows slowly with a mature size of 2-3’H X 2-3’S. While this plant does not have a pronounced spine tip, it is best not to plant in near close pathways or where children or pets may play. Sold here at Creekside Nursery in 5 and 15 gallon containers.