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Cyclamen with it's heart shaped leaves and showy flowers, is a native to the Mediterranean area. There are about 20 species that exist. Cyclamen needs moist soil but not soggy allow soil to dry out between watering. They require no pruning and little to no fertilizer. Cyclamen works outdoors and also as an indoor plant in an area with bright sunlight.

Pink Muhly Grass

Muhly grass is easy to grow in full sun but you will want to help it adapt to your soil quickly by adding a good soil mix. This southern native grass will perform outstanding in your garden. With spiky green foliage topped with airy pink flowers in the fall. This is a great alternative to pampas grass, as the plumes fade the grass will still look good through out the winter. This grass is hardy through zone 6 and higher, cut back a too a few inches in the spring before new growth begins this will keep it looking great through out the year.

Little John Bottle Brush

Little John Bottle Brush produces brilliant red brush-like flowers in the spring and summer, while remaining evergreen through out the year.This variety only grows to about 3 foot tall, so it will work well as a low hedge or border plant. Hardy zone 8-11 plant early spring to early fall in most areas. Once established requires very little watering, Little John's can be left to grow as a shrub or can be trimmed to have a single trunk look.

Red Yucca

Red Yucca is a native to Texas and can be found in most area of the state. It is remarkably cold hardy zones 5-10. Red Yucca is not truly a yucca but an Agave but has the hardy character of a yucca. This plant will handle almost all weather conditions, including drought conditions. With its red tubular flowers its great for attracting bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. Plant red yucca close together for a dramatic showy look, with a backdrop of dark green or a solid wall will really show off this plant.

Drift(R) Rose 'Coral'

Add color to your garden, patio or even a hillside with a Drift(R) Rose. With its orange-pink double blooms this rose will make a stunning groundcover. Coral is the most compact of the drift roses with its hardiness and disease resistance, so there is no need to spray fungicide. Hardy zones 4-11 likes full to mid sun exposure, grows 18-24" in height and will spread up to 36". With little to no care this rose will add to any landscape.