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Artemisia 'Parfume D'Ethiopia'

This soft, silvery perennial is a great aromatic addition to a landscape! Compact and slower growing, this Artemesia will get to around 18" tall with a 2-3' spread. Grows best in full sun, with well drained soil. They are even able to tolerate very poor soil conditions which makes them a great addition to landscapes where it is difficult to grow plants! Grows best in zones 6-9. A perfect addition to areas where people gather due to the delicate aroma!

Salvia May Night

Intense, dark purple flower spikes top gray-green foliage during summer. A great, unique color addition to any landscape. Blooms late Spring to late Summer. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Has great cold hardiness and tolerance of heavy clay soils. They do best with full sun and will grow to be 18-36" in height with a 24" spread. They require little watering once they are established. Grow best in zones 4-10. Make sure to deadhead for an extended bloom time

Bronze Beauty Ajuga

Commonly known as Carpet Bugle, this is an attractive evergreen perennial groundcover with bronze and green foliage. Short spikes of blue flowers will appear above the foliage in Spring. Grows best in partial shade to full shade. Will grow to be 4-6" in height with a 12-18" spread. Water as needed to keep the soil moist. Does best in zones 4-9. Forms a dense, carpet-like mat perfect for shady areas!

We are Ready for Next Week!

We are geared up and ready to run trucks this week! We hope everyone was able to stay warm and safe in these unprecedented times. We are excited and ready to supply your Spring orders so make sure Creekside is your first call! We have everything from groundcover and perennials to palms and trees. Check out our updated availability for product that we can send you to this week. If there is anything you need that you do not see on our availability, don't hesitate to ask!

Vinca minor 'Bowles'

An excellent ground cover with dark green glossy foliage, Vinca minor 'Bowles' variety has large purple-blue pinwheel flowers that appear late spring and continue throughout summer. The 'Bowles' variety boasts larger and glossier leaves than other Vinca, as well as larger and more numerous flowers. Grows outward from the crown, rather than rooting along the stems, so it grows a little slower for smaller spaces and containers.