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Magnolia ' smiling monkey tree

Magnolia maudiae also known as the smiling monkey tree in mild climates zones 7-10. This magnolia originally from China, is well suited to grow in pots unlike most magnolias. Flowers in the winter with large 6" cream /ivory blooms along the branches rather than on the tip. Smiling Monkey Tree will grow in all light conditions from shade to full sun. Plant in well drained rich soil for best growth, planted in the ground this Magnolia can reach 20 feet with a 10 foot spread.

Philippine Lily

In Texas growing lilies is not easy. One species which has proven adaptable to all soil types is the Philippine Lily. Though it resembles the Easter Lily this lily will bloom in the late summer June-August. As the evening cools down the flowers release there scent, mixed with night blooming jasmine in a bed adds a great scented garden to any landscape. Seeds that fall to the ground will germinate without assistance. They can also be gathered and shared with other gardeners.

Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

Dichondra 'Silver Falls' works well as a ground cover in a hanging basket also looks great hanging over any type of retaining wall for added color. Works best in full sun but, will tolerate light shade. Hardy to zone 10. Silver Falls will add a nice color contrast to any landscape, with its leaves having a slight metallic look. Blooms in spring with small white flowers.

Silver Germander Bush

Silver or Bush Germander is a great under used ornamental shrub. This drought tolerant evergreen plant looks a lot like Texas Sage with grayish green foliage. Silver Germander has a compact growing form, reaching 4'in height and 3' width. Has a blue flower in the spring. Requires little water once established, does best in full sun. Deer resistant will attract butterflies and bees during the spring. Can be trimmed but, tends to return to its natural slightly wild shape.

'Little David' Loropetalum

Loropetalum is a wonderful evergreen shrub that will work well in an accent garden. With its green and burgundy leaves it will add a nice touch of color to any landscape. Hardy zones 5-8 with small blooms in the spring, can be drought tolerant once it is established. Will work in light shade but does require some sun.