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We have a large variety of perennials in full bloom. Atremisia to Verbena. Most are blooming and ready to add a pop of color to your garden center or any landscape. Pictured are just a few Guara, Catmint and Lantana. contact your sales person for more information.

Lucky Lavender Lantana

Lucky Lavender Lantana with its dark green foliage contrasts nicely with the lavender/yellow flower color. This variety tolerates the heat, humidity and drought conditions well. Unlike other lantana's that can get a little 'wild' looking this variety stays more compact and controlled. This variety will work well in pots, baskets or in the ground. Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Deer resistant but, it is poisonous so plant in an area little hands can't reach.

Suncrest Salvia

Fire Dancer has blooms that are shades of orange-red , Flamenco Rose has a lovely bright pink blooms with white markings. Orchid Glow has blooms that are orchid to magenta. As with all salvias they prefer full sun but, can take a small about of light shade. Drought and heat tolerant works well in most zones. Cut back mid-season to encourage more blooming.

Sedum 'Carl'

This old fashion perennial with blue-green succulent foliage bears bright pink flower heads on up right stems. 'Carl' does great in full sun, heat and drought tolerant grows up to 12-18 inches. Divide clumps every few years to improve flowering , attracts butterflies and bees with its bright pink blooms.


Thanks to all the first responders and everyday people who helped in the Houston and surrounding areas during this disaster. Thoughts and prayers for the families who lost loved ones. The sun will come back out the land will dry and we will come back stronger. Stay safe everyone.