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Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea

This heat loving flowering shrub boasts beautiful fuchsia pink bracts atop upright vining branches. Wonderful as an accent plant, its rapid growth makes this an excellent selection as a cover for arbors, trellises and fences. Prefers dry well drained soil for best flower production. This ornamental shrub can grow to be 20-30' tall with a similar spread. Once established it only requires the occasional watering. Fertilize in spring and fall with a well balanced fertilizer and prune to shape. Grows best in zones 10 and 11 with full sun.

Purple Leaf Loropetalum

A rounded evergreen shrub with arching branches covered with rich purple leaves. Frilly fuchsia pink flowers bloom along the branches making a stunning contrast with the foliage. Plant this unique variety as a focal plant in the landscape. They thrive in full sun with a regular watering until they are established and can grow to be 6-8' tall with a 6-8' spread. Prune as needed to maintain desired shape and size. Make sure to fertilize in the spring and again in the fall with a well balanced fertilizer. This evergreen will make a wonderful hedge plant or accent in the border garden.

Japanese Boxwood

This beautifully bright evergreen shrub is a great addition to a landscape that needs a small topiary hedge. Plant these 2 feet apart for a seamless bush. These will average 4-5ft in height and spread depending on trimming habits. They are slow growing and do not require rigorous trims. They are moderately drought-tollerant once they become established and are very well adapted in all arrays of light. The thick foliage on this shrub makes them a great choice for ornamental hedges as well as accent in a foundation planting. Grow best in zones 6-9.