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Carolina Jessamine Vine

A sudden splash of brilliant yellow in our landscapes is a real head-turner this time of year! We notice that redbud trees and our ornamental pears are sharing the early spring spotlight with yet another outstanding flowering plant, the endearing Carolina Jessamine vine. This fantastic bloomer has been the state flower of South Carolina since 1924 where it snakes its way up into the sun-drenched pines and hardwoods of that state.

We applaud its many attributes! It's evergreen, vigorous, and completely undemanding. It's disease free, insect free, stays a very manageable size and we simply love it! We plant it everywhere!

But the REAL reason we plant it?? The incredible flower show!

This lovely dynamo starts blooming mid-winter and doesn't stop 'till late spring! Not only do the delicate flowers suggest the pureness of gold, but we regret we can't provide a ' scratch n sniff ' component because the Carolina Jessamine's finest feature is its sweet, dreamy, unmistakable fragrance and although it's impossible to describe the scent in words, the phrases "heady" "intoxicating" and even "narcotic" come to mind. Aromas like these have been at the very heart of the perfume industry as early as the 14th century!

Search your gardens for that perfect spot to allow this ramblin' southern beauty to twine its way around your hearts and senses...in a spot where it can be enjoyed and cherished for years to come!

We offer this superb vine in 5 gallon pots and a nice assortment of other colorful vines!

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and the list will grow as the weather warms !