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A TRUE Texas Superstar!

The label, Texas Superstar, is much like a badge of honor given only to plants that have withstood the rigors of the statewide A&M field trials. Throughout the state, these hibiscus have proven to be some of the finest and showiest of perennials.

Don't confuse these Hibiscus with their gorgeous cousins, the Tropical Hibiscus , that can freeze out in nasty winters. These perennial Hibiscus, once established, will provide years of brilliant landscape color with a minimum of care! The foliage will die down in the coldest months but will pop right back up with a ROAR when the temps warm up again.

These stunning bloomers boast huge 6-8" flowers in great numbers while the plant stays neat and tidy getting about 3-4' tall making them ideal for containers as well as in the garden. A big attraction to hummingbirds and butterflies too!


  • Moy Grande
  • Lord Baltimore
  • Luna White
  • Luna red
  • Luna Pink Swirl
  • Texas Star
  • Texas Star Summer Snow